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Finally, a BI Solution for Australian SMEs

Bid farewell to complicated analytics. Headway BI, designed for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), streamlines business insights without the headache. Uncover the power of simplicity and effectiveness in business intelligence.

Unlock the Power of Headway BI

Crafted by business analysts, not data analysts. We prioritise understanding your business objectives.
Every Headway BI feature has a purpose - driving your success, not just data

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Strategic Insight, Not Data Overload

No more drowning in endless data. Headway BI distills insights tailored to your business objectives. No fluff - just the strategic information you need for informed decisions.

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Experience big insights at a small cost. Headway BI slashes the budget bloat tied to traditional BI systems. Get more for less without compromising quality. Your budget stays yours.

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Quick Implementation, No IT Headaches

Leave the tech hassle behind. No IT team, no worries. Swift implementation without the usual fuss. Get up and running, focusing on growth, no technicalities.

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Visual Elegance,
Simple Execution

Experience an intuitively designed platform where everyone effortlessly accesses, understands, and acts on their responsibilities. Align your culture with a focus on value over complexities.

Say farewell to the complexity of traditional Business Intelligence systems. Headway BI is your SME's secret weapon, delivering unparalleled insights without the headaches.

Features that Fuel Success

Headway BI isn't just a tool; it's your business ally. Crafted by Business Analysts, ensuring each feature isn't just a checkbox; it's a strategic tool honed for SME triumph. Explore the features that set us apart, delivering not just data but strategic advantage for your SME.

Outcomes Cascading Dashboard

Experience the differentiator — our Outcomes Cascading Dashboard visual. Others may mention a "Strategic Insights Dashboard," but ours is unparalleled. It provides a top-down cascaded view of your company's performance, tailored to your business model. Enjoy a clear line-of-sight of all operational performance at a glance, right at your fingertips.

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KPI History Page

Navigate your performance effortlessly with our KPI History Page. While others claim their solution is 'Tailored for You,' we go further. Our page offers elegant, simple, and easy-to-understand charts. It provides a quick assessment of your performance against targets and baselines at a glance. Dive into historical performance trends and effortlessly search, visualize, and discuss with ease.

Benefits Impact Page

Explore profitability predictions with our Benefits Impact Page. Others may boast about predicting profitability, but we measure the benefits of your performance improvement in revenue, cost, and cash flow. It's not just about predicting; it's about quantifying and maximizing the impact on your business.

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Real, Measurable Results

Smoke Control, an SME manufacturer, overcame growth challenges by shifting from intuition to a structured, data-driven strategy with Headway BI.

Our whitepaper, "How to Unlock Business Value with BI," offers five essential questions that pave the way for your operational excellence and strategic growth.






Cash Flow

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Meet the Founders


Enrique Ugarte

CEO/Head of Client Advisory


Enrique Ugarte has 20 years' experience as a business professional and executive advisor specialising in strategy execution and organisational capability development.

Enrique is the custodian of Headway's business performance management approach and leads Headway’s client advisory model.


Natalia Salzberg

CTO/Head of Product


Natalia Salzberg has 20 years’ experience as a digital product design and innovation leader specialising in user experience, digital design and product engineering.


Natalia is the custodian of Headway's end-to-end digital user experience and leads the development of Headway’s technology platform

Let's have a conversation

Ready to transform your business trajectory? The first step is easier than you think. Start a conversation and begin your journey to business brilliance with Headway BI.

Don't wonder; let's talk specifics. By reaching out for a consultation tailored to your business needs, you're not just starting a conversation; you're gaining valuable strategic insights. This first step is your pathway to tangible value and business growth.

Thank you. We'll be in touch shortly.

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